Patience: Putting Faith Before Desire

A lot of people say it can be tough to keep your faith in this world. That hasn’t been my problem. I feel like once you have a really strong relationship with God, a worldly temptation is more like an annoying gnat than a beast. You just have to stay in His word everyday. It’s like an athlete, you can’t only practice right before a big game; … Continue reading Patience: Putting Faith Before Desire


It’s Sunday afternoon. I’ve just finished watching The Breakfast Club (don’t you love it when those movie gems pop up on ABC Family?) and polishing off a pan of brownies. I’m contemplating practicing my guitar, but it’s across the room so I decide against it. Needing some sort of creative stimulation, I begin pondering.. Work out? Take my dog for a walk? Do laundry? Clean the kitchen? Clean the bathroom? Clean … Continue reading Hellerrrr