How to Make Your Home Grown-up and Cozy

So you and your BFF got drunk freshman year in Panama City and took body shots off a guy named Jerome. Cool. But you’re an adult now. That means you can still get shitty with your BFF, but do not hang the duck face memories in your room on a bulletin board. We’re aiming for a home that says, I’ve totally got my life together. True or not, … Continue reading How to Make Your Home Grown-up and Cozy

Eclectic Kitchen

Have y’all ever watched the movie It’s Complicated? Oh my gosh, if you haven’t, you totally should. It’s hilarious and one of my favorites. In the movie, the main character, Jane (played by Meryl Streep), has this amazing kitchen that I envy every time I watch it. It’s just got that comfortable, spacey, feel-good vibe. Same with the kitchen from Something’s Gotta Give. (I’m obviously obsessed with … Continue reading Eclectic Kitchen