Prep Time: You Got This

A few days ago, my friend and I were talking just about life situations and how to find happiness and peace through times that just aren’t happy and peaceful. I couldn’t relate to her exact situation, but I could relate to that feeling, because I’d been there before. It’s like you know in the back of your mind that God wants you to be thankful even during unideal moments and seasons, but when you’re in a situation like that, sometimes it can be so hard to say “thank you” instead of “why?”.

I sort of used to be one of those people that got mad when everything wouldn’t go my way. (Man that makes me sound like a real brat just writing that down.) But it’s true, I’d stomp my feet and huff and puff when I wasn’t getting what I wanted. Until I realized – there’s no growth in a life like that. There is no way to become a better person or learn the things God wants us to learn if we are not given situations and opportunities to do so.

God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle (1 Corinthians 10:13). That’s a promise. But, He is going to test us. And rightly so. We’ve got to keep in mind that we’re here for His purpose, not the other way around. This entire world and the time we have on it is so temporary compared to what’s in store if we just keep Him at the forefront. We’re getting the better end of the deal here, no matter how you look at it.

Sometimes it all boils down to suiting up (Armor of God style) and asking Him for the right things. If we’ve asked several times for a situation to “go away” and it hasn’t, then odds are that’s not in consistency with His plan. Maybe He wants us to ask for patience, or peace of mind, or direction, or strength, or perseverance, or all of the above. These are faith-testing moments. These are the times when it’s so important for us to just dig in His word. Not just a verse here and there, but really get in there and read and hear what He has to say.

That’s where we’ll find comfort and understanding. That’s when it will make sense how a man could be thrown in a lion’s den and come out without a scratch. Or three men walk from a fiery furnace without the slightest singe. We can’t water those stories down just because we’ve heard them so many times – I mean let’s really think about them. I don’t think any of these guys particularly wanted to be in these situations, but they held on tight to their faith and trusted that God knew what He was doing – and they led entire kingdoms to Him.

If you don’t think God could use you or your situations that greatly, oohhhh wee just get ready.


P.S. If you want to read the stories of Daniel or Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego’s (fiery furnace), you can find them here (or if you’ve got that King James handy, just open her up to Daniel 3 and Daniel 6):

Daniel’s Story

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego’s Story

Also, this song is awesome, too:

Praise You In This Storm

7 thoughts on “Prep Time: You Got This

  1. I’m going through some icky stuff at work and this helped me to gain perspective in a beautiful way. Thank you for sharing your faith!!! I’ll be reading these stories tonight ☺

    1. Aw, I’m so glad it did! ❤️ I hope you have a wonderful day! Don’t let it get you down, I’ll say a little prayer for you that everything gets un icky!! ❤️ It will all be ok

  2. Fellow Warrior,
    I like the motto of your site.
    We need the calm, the clear, the serene.
    Keep being this strong, your guidance is yours, and it is mine.
    This courage you shared, really strenghtens the core.
    As a young Christian, as well, I know this world needs more of us.
    Courage is everything.
    We have a long way to go.
    Every single step is worth it.

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