Top 3 Insanely Awesome Powerhouse Fashion Sites You Should Know About


1. Revolve

The mother of all fashion sites. Revolve not only has just the cool brands, but the coolest of the cool items from each. You don’t have to dig for stuff. You’ll. Want. It. All. You’ve been warned.

Some of my faves (it was very hard not to put the whole site on here bc like I said, I WANT. IT. ALL.)img_2436


2. Asos

This one is awesome because it’s really affordable. Also, if you’re a student, you get a 10% discount. Those days are long gone for me, but for all you spring chickens out there drinkin’ Natty Light and eatin’ Zaxby’s chicken fingers everyday in pajama pants – they gotchu.


3. Shopbop

Probably the most sophisticated one. Very NY Fashion Week feely. But I mean, they got ripped jeans, too. Options GALORE. You’s a gonna loooove it.


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