Let’s Do This, 2018

I usually don’t make New Year resolutions. I’m not really sure if it’s because subconsciously I know I won’t keep them, or because I’m too lazy, or what. Honestly, I normally don’t feel one bit of difference as December 31 dissolves into a new year. It’s always just been another day for me.

Something about this year is different, though. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and my outlook on life is changing. Maybe it’s because I didn’t drink champagne and cheap vodka last night and I’m waking up thinking about more than just a chicken biscuit and a gallon of water, idk, but I like this feeling.

Yesterday morning, they played a song at church and a lyric really stuck with me.. rid me of myself, I belong to You.

I love that. That’s what I want. That’s my resolution. I don’t want to make goals for myself this year, I want to be a vessel to achieve God’s goals. I want to live for Him, not for me.

It’s human nature to not like to be told what to do. We’ve all pretty much got that I’mma Do What I Want mentality pulling at us and we hate hate to be told no or practice patience – that’s how I am at least (whether I want to admit it or not).

But God isn’t telling us what to do or giving us guidance for His sake, it’s for ours. He knows what will make us happy. He knows where we’ll find real love and real friendships. He knows our talents and where we will excel. Wanting to follow Him isn’t really giving ourselves up in terms of losing something – it’s giving up a “what if” for a “guarantee.” You don’t lose anything positive, you gain a life and a potential that’s impossible without Him.

So that’s my resolution and I’m going to work at it all year. Did y’all make any resolutions? I want to hear them!

Love y’all ❤️


4 thoughts on “Let’s Do This, 2018

  1. I’m gonna strive to “stop & smell the roses” more often, pull over and grab a cotton ball when they are in bloom. Sit on the porch w my daddy just whenever I get the feeling. Sip coffee with friends like you and not sweat the small stuff. And be the best swinging granny I can be. 🧚🏼‍♀️🎀

  2. Whatever changes you make in your life, don’t let one of them be you stopping writing.
    Your words lit a fire in me that I wasn’t expecting. I usually look forward to your amazing sense of humor, so in a way I clicked on your post for dose of comedy and what I got was a dose of reality. Thank you, thank you for you. Thank you for your words and perspective.

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