Missing Piece


If a man isn’t following God, he isn’t fit to lead. Without a relationship with Him, he won’t know how to have a relationship with you. He won’t know respect, he won’t know love. Because those things, if they’re genuine, come from God.

The same goes for a woman. Without God, we’re not a prize. We can try to look like one – decorate our appearance and flaunt our bodies – but beauty and depth are only present where God is.

I’m not an expert on relationships (obvs), but there is one thing I won’t compromise anymore and that’s attempting one without Him. It’s so easy to do, especially in today’s society. Most of the time we don’t even realize it. Often, we involve Him at first (pleeaase God let me find someone, please let him love me, please help our relationship grow) and then toss Him aside when things are good.

That’s like going scuba diving and right in the middle of having so much fun and absorbing the beauty around you, deciding to take your oxygen tank off.

We all know how that would end. The same is true with relationships. And even life. He’s gotta be there or you won’t be able to enjoy it.

Love y’all,


3 thoughts on “Missing Piece

  1. This is where I am in my life now..I built a life upon faith chasing the dream God put in my heart. I caught that dream and watched him do amazing things in my life. I’ve just now come around to applying that principal to my personal life. (I’m surprisingly slow sometimes😳)
    Thank you for these words..

    1. Oh I love this Annah!!! So beautiful!! Your gift is writing!!! You are so eloquent with your words!! You should write more!!!😍♥️

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