Ordinary Blessings 

I think a lot of times we treat God like Santa Claus. We tell Him what we want and then we expect to get it. I mean after all, we put it on the list – it would be rude of Him not to give it to us, right? Uh, wrong. So far wrong that even Santa should spit on our cookies and give us coal.

Basically, we’re brats. In all fairness though, a lot of times we don’t realize how we’re acting. That’s one of my resolutions for myself, to be more aware – more aware of people, more aware of feelings, more aware of blessings. Just aware of everything going on around me and more considerate and in tune. Because when we’re not, we take a lot of things for granted.

God allowed me to open my eyes today. I can see the faces of those that I love and the beauty in something as tiny as a flower. I have two legs to walk on and two hands to work or hold a baby or sip a cup of coffee. Some people don’t. I have a family who loves me. I have shelter. I have food. I have water – actually I have sweet tea and Coke and chocolate milk and numerous other types of drinks to choose from, while some people don’t even have clean water to drink.

THESE ARE BLESSINGS. Big, humongous blessings. They aren’t things we should just expect. We should be telling God thank you every single day for them, instead of just wanting what we don’t have and ignoring what He continuously gives us.

If we don’t appreciate what we have already, why would He give us more just because we ask? That’s like a parent cooking all day and making a platter full of desserts for their child, so excited to give it to them, and then the kid takes a bite of each, doesn’t even say thank you, and then demands a sugar cookie, the one dessert that wasn’t on the platter. How would you feel if you were that parent? I’d beat the little turd, but that’s just me. God’s a lot sweeter than I am.

I’m not saying God won’t grant you the blessings you ask for. He tells us many times in His Word that He will. But, He’s not Santa. He loves us. Deeply. More than anyone in this world. He wants a relationship with us. He doesn’t just want us to beg for things we don’t have and then stomp our feet when we don’t get them. He wants us to first appreciate what we do have. Because it’s a lot more than we deserve. Just remember He has feelings, too.

Love y’all,



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