GRLFRND Denim: My Butt’s New BFF


My favorite style ever – like eva, eva – is 90’s Supermodel. Think Cindy and Claudia back in the day. That high rise denim and simple white shirt. It never gets old.

That being said, let’s all give a big THANK YA JESUS for the creators of the brand GRLFRND because they obviously love that style too. My wannabe-a-90’s-supermodel dream has sort of come true. Like basically I’m Naomi. (Now I just need to get slimed on Nickelodeon and marry an N’SYNC member and my childhood fantasies will be complete.)

BIG (AWESOME) SIDE NOTE: these jeans make your butt look really good.

BIGGER (EVER AWESOMER) SIDE NOTE: you can customize embroidery on the denim. Now that’s tight. It’s like, all that and a bag of chips.


Annah Ham Timberlake

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