Old Habits, New Resolutions


Hank said old habits are hard to break. He wasn’t wrong. But hard isn’t impossible.

I usually wake up hungover on January 1 thinking more about a sausage biscuit than a New Year’s resolution. Maybe 27 is my year of responsible adulthood, maybe I’m just tired of spending the first day of a new year in bed with crumbs and Gatorade. Either way, I woke up on January 1, 2017 feeling excited and motivated.

You have to crawl before you walk, so I want to set goals that are reachable. I don’t want to make insane promises to myself I know I can’t keep. So, here are my goals for 2017:

  • call my grandparents at least once a week
  • spend more time helping others
  • read at least one book per month
  • workout at least three times per week
  • play with Alley outside more
  • listen to Bible study every morning, before doing anything else on my phone
  • blog at least once per week
  • do a regular digital detox
  • answer calls and texts in a more timely manner
  • make sure my friends and family know how much I love and appreciate them
  • don’t make promises I can’t keep
  • say “no” instead of saying “yes” and then disappointing people when I don’t follow through
  • by the end of the year, have a full-time business
  • go on dates and stop making excuses not to

Okay, that’s all I got for now.

P.S. – If you haven’t heard Old Habits by Hank, Jr., go listen to it here right now. Right. Now.

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