GRLFRND Denim: My Butt’s New BFF

My favorite style ever – like eva, eva – is 90’s Supermodel. Think Cindy and Claudia back in the day. That high rise denim and simple white shirt. It never gets old. That being said, let’s all give a big THANK YA JESUS for the creators of the brand GRLFRND because they obviously love that style too. My wannabe-a-90’s-supermodel dream has sort of come true. Like … Continue reading GRLFRND Denim: My Butt’s New BFF

Old Habits, New Resolutions

Hank said old habits are hard to break. He wasn’t wrong. But hard isn’t impossible. I usually wake up hungover on January 1 thinking more about a sausage biscuit than a New Year’s resolution. Maybe 27 is my year of responsible adulthood, maybe I’m just tired of spending the first day of a new year in bed with crumbs and Gatorade. Either way, I woke … Continue reading Old Habits, New Resolutions