A Love Letter

Relationships are tough. Emotions and feelings and all the things that go along with them usually leave us with a tangled heart and mind. But there is one relationship that does the opposite. That’s a relationship with God. He is love, in its purest form. How much closer to a love story can you get?

He left us a letter that tells us how to find peace of mind and happiness. All we have to do is read it. But not just pieces, the whole thing. Every word in the Bible is laced with love and compassion and direction. He’s your forever valentine 🙂

And once you cultivate a relationship with Him, He will lead you to the person you’re meant to be with. I really believe that. God is love and for there to be any love whatsoever between two people, He has to be present. And the more involved He is, the greater the love is going be be.

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