Patience: Putting Faith Before Desire

A lot of people say it can be tough to keep your faith in this world. That hasn’t been my problem. I feel like once you have a really strong relationship with God, a worldly temptation is more like an annoying gnat than a beast. You just have to stay in His word everyday. It’s like an athlete, you can’t only practice right before a big game; … Continue reading Patience: Putting Faith Before Desire

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone. In a Hat.

(h&m hat) So I went shopping Saturday. I was only going for a jacket and socks, but got sidetracked by like everything else and came home with this Pharrell hat. It was one of those impulse buys. Like where you think it’s so cute and a trendy level you need to be on, but if you give it too much thought you’ll put it back because … Continue reading Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone. In a Hat.

Diary of a Loser Beauty Queen

(that’s not a first place trophy) When I was younger, I was all about putting on performances. I loved the spotlight. I’d sing, I’d dance (badly), I’d dress up and do impressions, I’d put on magic shows, basically anything to entertain people. But for some reason, when it came to doing it for anything other than fun, I’d choke. I didn’t do talent shows or anything … Continue reading Diary of a Loser Beauty Queen

More V-Day Dresses b/c Why Not?

I was trying to be blogger appropriate and select a handful of dresses that were my favorite in the last post, but I have lots of favorites! I never really follow the rules at anything so I’m posting more. I’m very rebellious, I know. I like, eat my dessert before dinner and stay up past 11 sometimes too. Watch out.   That’s all! Continue reading More V-Day Dresses b/c Why Not?

Valentine’s Day Dresses

(dress) I love love. I really do. I’m scared to death of it and I’ve run from it a few times and it makes me crazy and confused, but I love it and won’t ever give up on it. It’s what our hearts were made to do. So why not celebrate it? Most people fancy it up a bit for Valentine’s Day and that’s always fun. I’m usually in jeans … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Dresses

How to Make Your Home Grown-up and Cozy

So you and your BFF got drunk freshman year in Panama City and took body shots off a guy named Jerome. Cool. But you’re an adult now. That means you can still get shitty with your BFF, but do not hang the duck face memories in your room on a bulletin board. We’re aiming for a home that says, I’ve totally got my life together. True or not, … Continue reading How to Make Your Home Grown-up and Cozy