Relax In The Lord

During a Bible study the other day, a certain phrase stuck with me: relax in the Lord. Since then, it’s sort of become my daily mantra. I know that the only way to have peace and happiness is through Him; so this statement wasn’t really anything new to me, but it did make me realize how little I follow it. Silly, isn’t it? I’m a Christian, I read His Word and I’m close with Him and have a very happy and blessed life. But there are times when I find myself in a difficult or stressful situation and rely on myself – which does nothing but create more worry and stress – when all I have to do is lay my burdens on Him, like He requested, and relax. So simple! I think that’s why a lot of us dismiss it so easily. We’re so used to the world being chaotic and difficult that we can’t accept the simplicity of His words. But we’re the ones who made it like that, not Him. He’s the author of peace, not confusion. So, note to self, stop trying to make every worrisome situation complicated and just relax in the Lord and accept that the simplest solution provides the greatest results.

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