Lipstick Outlaws

Biker Vibes

It’s all about the jacket and boots, really.

And lipstick.

I’ve always loved the biker look and since Jax Teller came into my life, I’m sort of obsessed with it. It’s like you put on that leather jacket and you can see yourself riding off into the Charming sunset with that tatted up hunk of man.. (or is that just me?) Whatever, either way, the biker look is badass. Even if you’re climbing in a Hybrid instead of on a Harley. Doesn’t matter. Still badass.

My picks for biker jackets:

True Religion




Topshop (vest)

Free People (and it’s pink!)

My picks for biker-style boots:


Freebird by Steven

Jeffrey Campbell

Now {temporarily} tat up with a flash tat (love these), put on some lipstick & let’s ride…

probably to Walmart.

Doesn’t matter.

Still badass.

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