10 “Healthy” Foods That Aren’t Really Healthy

Clever marketing tactics can really screw with our interpretation of healthy eating. Most of what we’ve been told is a whole bunch of yucky, processed bologna. Here’s the real dealio on these so-called “health” foods.

1) Soy Milk

Soy milk is not some amazing vegan elixir. It’s actually very unhealthy. It screws up your digestive system, thyroid, and hormones, which can lead to cancer. In addition, most soy in the U.S. is genetically modified, which effs you up even more. Choose organic, unsweetened coconut milk instead.

2) Veggie Burgers

Most vegan meats are made with either soy protein isolate or wheat gluten. Soy, like I said above, isn’t healthy. Gluten isn’t either. While not everyone has Celiac, most people are sensitive to gluten, since it is difficult to digest. Because of this, it puts stress on your digestive system, which negatively affects other bodily functions, leading to all sorts of health issues, from acne, to bloating and weight gain, to anxiety and depression. You’re better off eating meat, but I’d stick with organic turkey burgers instead of beef since it digests a little easier. And if you’re vegan/vegetarian or just don’t want to eat meat, try burgers made with real veggies and healthy grains like quinoa or millet. Qrunch burgers are pretty good.

3) Yogurt

Milk does not do a body good. Fat-free, low-fat, whatever – it’s all bad for you. Lactose and casein, two proteins found in milk, are very difficult for humans to digest and most often causes gas and bloating. Dairy is also very mucus-forming and acidic, which is bad for digestion. Plus, unless you buy organic, almost all dairy products are laced with hormones and continual consumption will undoubtedly give you cancer. Make your own coconut milk yogurt. My favorite is chocolate almond – just mix almond butter, cacao powder, Truvia, and canned coconut milk. It’s one of the best desserts ever!

4) Hummus

This isn’t the worst thing to snack on, but it’s not the best. Chickpeas (unless they’re raw and sprouted) are difficult to digest because they are high in both carbs and protein – two things that don’t digest well together. Make zucchini hummus instead!

5) Peanut Butter

Apples and peanut butter are a healthy snack, right? Naw, not right. Peanuts, like soy, contain lectins, which are anti-nutrients that are difficult to digest and bind to sugars in cells, leading to inflammation. Instead of peanut butter, choose raw, unsweetened almond butter.

5) Fruit Juices

When you drink a glass of fruit juice, you’re consuming nothing but sugar. Eat fresh, whole fruit. But always remember to only eat it on an empty stomach and alone (not paired with any other foods – except non-starchy vegetables, which digest quickly and easily), or else it will cause slow digestion and lead to bloating.

6) Whole Wheat Bread

Wheat contains gluten. Gluten is crap. We’ve already discussed this. Give the shit up.

7) Energy Bars

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that just because it’s labeled “Energy Bar” that what you’re eating is healthy. You might as well be chowing down on a Snickers. Most energy bars are nothing but sugar and undoubtedly contain protein derived from either milk or soy – both of which are not good for you. Eat real energy foods, like avocados.

8) Protein Shakes

Most protein shakes are made with whey, which is derived from milk. Like I’ve already said – yuck. If you’re a freak about your morning protein shake and just have to have it, make it with hemp protein instead.

9) “Diet” or “Sugar-Free” Products

Most of the time, this just means it’s made with artificial sweeteners and other chemicals. Clean foods are true “diet” foods – yet they’re delicious and you never have to count calories.

10) Agave

Agave has been marketed as a glorified sweetener, but it’s actually even worse for you than sugar. Agave contains 90% fructose, whereas sugar contains 50%. For a natural, sugar-free alternative, use stevia or Truvia.

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