Top 3 Insanely Awesome Powerhouse Fashion Sites You Should Know About

1. Revolve The mother of all fashion sites. Revolve not only has just the cool brands, but the coolest of the cool items from each. You don’t have to dig for stuff. You’ll. Want. It. All. You’ve been warned. Some of my faves (it was very hard not to put the whole site on here bc like I said, I WANT. IT. ALL.) 2. Asos … Continue reading Top 3 Insanely Awesome Powerhouse Fashion Sites You Should Know About

Let’s Do This, 2018

I usually don’t make New Year resolutions. I’m not really sure if it’s because subconsciously I know I won’t keep them, or because I’m too lazy, or what. Honestly, I normally don’t feel one bit of difference as December 31 dissolves into a new year. It’s always just been another day for me. Something about this year is different, though. Maybe it’s because I’m getting … Continue reading Let’s Do This, 2018

Best Ever DIY Anti-Aging Beauty Balm

Children do not appreciate their beautiful skin. It’s like yes, little Kiki, go poop your pants in the sandbox with your flawless, poreless face while I go try to pick up a man with three crow’s feet, a forehead full of wrinkles, and a nice little touch of discoloration. Unfairness I tell you. I’m 28 and I haven’t tried botox or any of that yet (not … Continue reading Best Ever DIY Anti-Aging Beauty Balm

Let’s Ride 

You know, I’ve noticed a pattern in my life. The periods when I’m daily seeking a relationship with God and His will, I have a clearer understanding of what’s going on around me. I don’t fully grasp the “why” of every situation, but it’s like I have this inner peace and assurance that everything is going to be alright. And when I’m not walking with Him, everything is questionable and … Continue reading Let’s Ride 

GRLFRND Denim: My Butt’s New BFF

My favorite style ever – like eva, eva – is 90’s Supermodel. Think Cindy and Claudia back in the day. That high rise denim and simple white shirt. It never gets old. That being said, let’s all give a big THANK YA JESUS for the creators of the brand GRLFRND because they obviously love that style too. My wannabe-a-90’s-supermodel dream has sort of come true. Like … Continue reading GRLFRND Denim: My Butt’s New BFF

Old Habits, New Resolutions

Hank said old habits are hard to break. He wasn’t wrong. But hard isn’t impossible. I usually wake up hungover on January 1 thinking more about a sausage biscuit than a New Year’s resolution. Maybe 27 is my year of responsible adulthood, maybe I’m just tired of spending the first day of a new year in bed with crumbs and Gatorade. Either way, I woke … Continue reading Old Habits, New Resolutions